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hi v^_^
here i give it to u mobile wallpaper for holiday season present
hope u enjoy <3

please comment when taking


icons for share

some icons for share
i already made it in few month ago n share it in NeX
now i want to share it in my LJ

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see all in here ^o^Collapse )

few NEWS wallpaper

hi ^_^/ i'am back with some wallpaper
split in 3 term, i hope u like it
thanks to aya and je_for8ver for such lovely scans

all wally in hereCollapse )

Birthday Present

Kon kon
an icons for Ryochan otanjyoubi
i got all scan pics from yamapi85, je_fore8ver, aya takarai, usagichan, n many more


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B'day present for Massu.. 22 wallpapers!

Though it's late, still I want to contribute something for Massu's birthday... ^o^
And here they are... 22 wallpapers for 22nd birthday!!
Comments are love and please credit me if taking ^___^

Kawaii kabocha

22 wallpapers ^o^Collapse )

NEWS icon batch

Minna, here I post loads of NEWS' icons from various source.
Feel free to use it, but please credit me ^_^
Comments are always loved <333

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増田貴久くんが大好きです、大ファンです o^_^o

i have made this Journal for about few month ago.
But this's my first post.
I hope this journal can be a great place for me to share everything.
specially share my designs.